7 Natural Products To Treat Your Poor Appetite 

Sharing an Appetite has been one of the best ways for community members to bond. This explains why nearly every gathering of friends and family must accompany a meal, regardless of the circumstances of the meeting. As such, it surprises many people when they invite you to a meal, and your response is, “I don’t feel like eating.”  

The frustration is further compounded in instances when you are hungry but lack the appetite to start a good meal. Losing your meal is not a pleasant experience. As such, this article identifies causes of loss of appetite and seven natural products you can try to improve your meal. 

Causes of Poor Appetite 

For most people, a decreased appetite could be a short-term problem. However, when the problem has an extended duration, it may indicate an underlying medical condition. For instance, viral and bacterial infections could reduce your appetite. An example of such a condition is the flu, limiting your desire to eat. 

Besides, long-term medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and chronic pain also impact your appetite. The same goes for psychological conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, or anorexia nervosa. Therefore, before you begin trying to get a solution to the appetite problems you may be facing, you must first identify the problem. In this regard, you should speak to a medical professional to seek advice on the different interventions you should take. 

Natural Products to Treat Poor Appetite 

The following are some of the products you can try out to help relieve your appetite problems. 


Adding some spices to your food can also help to increase your meal. Some of the causes of poor appetite can be satiation and bloating. However, adding spices to your food can help reduce the feeling of satiation, increasing your appm mealtite and food intake. If you want to try out some spices in your food, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and peppermint can be good additions to your meals. 

Besides increasing appetite, using spices in food also has some health benefits, including an increased appreciation of healthy meals like low-salt legumes. Doing this will keep you in a general sense of well-being. 

Bitter Greens 

Before you dismiss this as another nagging adult telling you to eat your greens, you need to understand the importance of bitter greens in keeping your meal at an optimum level. Greens such as kales, collards, and radicchio play a critical role in helping your digestive system function in its optimum condition. This, in turn, keeps the digestive juices flowing and gives you the feeling of wanting to eat more (also known as an increased meal).  

In the long run, the greens help your meal and nourish you with a decent supply of vitamins. 


Hardly any article about healthy eating and healthy living passes by without mentioning the importance of taking a lot of water. The same goes for poor meal. Taking the recommended eight glasses of water daily is very beneficial for increasing your meal levels. 


Ginger plays a significant role in the body as a natural herb. Aside from the analgesic qualities of ginger, the product also contributes to an increased meal. You can use ginger in your food as a herb during cooking or boil it in water and drink the concoction. Either way, the effects on your appetite will be self-evident. 


Fennel has a long history in its treatment of digestive problems. Using fennel will also help your appetite problems. One of the best ways to use fennel is to boil it in water and drink the tea. 

Organic Products 

One of the most common effects of consuming cannabis products is the “munchies.” The “munchies” are an increase in meal, which causes cannabis users to experience a strong desire to eat more. In summary, the cannabinoids in the cannabis product interact with the endocannabinoid system, which plays a significant role in appetite management. After consuming a cannabis product, the cannabinoid receptors can help boost your appetite. 

In case you want to try out cannabis to treat your poor appetite without attracting attention, try THC gummies. These edibles are an excellent way to consume cannabinoids in limited dosage. 


Caraway is another natural product with a rich history in treating digestive issues. The Greeks, for example, used caraway after meals to calm an upset stomach. Additionally, caraway comes in handy to reduce the problems in the digestive tract, boosting your meal. 

Parting Shot 

If you have been wondering how to help relieve your low appetite problems, the above solutions will help you. However, as stated above, seeking a medical doctor’s opinion on what is causing your low meal will be a wise decision in helping to solve the problem you have quickly and permanently. 

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