Activities to do in Candolim Beach

1. From the Aguada Fort, watch the sunset.

There are two sections to the Aguada Fort.

The summit of the hill is covered by an Old Lighthouse Tower. The view was stunning from the ocean and the river. you can also visit south goa sightseeing.

On the beach are the Lower Aguada Fort and Sinquerim Fort (the best location for sunset)

The Fort of Lower Aguada

At the southernmost end of the Candolim peninsula, this preserved Portuguese fort is located right on the shore.

If you like interesting places and stunning views it is one of the most popular things to do in Candolim due to its distinctive red bricks as well as the iconic over-water circular overlook.

Entry Fee: Nothing

Operating times: 9:30 AM to 6 PM

It’s easy to find on the main road, there is also a parking space when you hire a scooter when you are in Candolim.

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2. Receive acupuncture treatment

There are numerous small “clinics” across the country however Ayurveda (traditional Indian treatment using natural ingredients) is mostly practiced in south India.

Visit any of these clinics to get a full body massage (massage candles for the ear and therapeutic drinks that are suited to the body’s energy levels and other needs). At a cost of around USD 30 per session. Anyone should give the drink a go since it’s a great feeling and has been in use for 3000 years.

Reserve a seat.

You can go to any clinic and ask for an appointment if you only require is a simple treatment. It is not common to find them hiring you immediately.

Conducting a thorough test in the Ayurvedic process.


3. Explore close Divar Island

If you’re looking to have something different from the typical way to Candolim take a trip to Divar Island, an island situated in the middle of a river. It has beautiful churches dating back to the 17th century, paddy fields, and a temple pond, where you can take a swim in the pond, it is an amazing half-day excursion.

4. Stay the night in Taj Fort Resort.

The resort is an amazing bargain if you’re looking to indulge yourself for a few nights in Goa. It is possible to stay at this gorgeous resort with pools that overlook the beach and fort for 150 USD for a night (perfect time to catch the sunset).

It is stunningly beautiful and the accommodation is a great value for money. One of the most well-maintained places in the area is the fort’s historical site which has been carefully restored. The perfect cocktail at sunset is at the bar and restaurant area, which offers stunning views of the high cliffs.

This is a place worth spending money on, even if you’re on an extremely tight budget!


5. Take a scooter out and take a ride around the neighborhood.

The most effective way to explore the region is by riding the scooter, which is one of the best activities to take part in Candolim.

The thought of driving a bike within the city’s chaos may be overwhelming, but keep these things in your mind:

India appears to be a kind of chaos that is uncontrolled.

Although it might appear that things aren’t in order in the roadway, there’s an unspoken understanding about “flow”.

The most important way to stay safe while riding is to stay relaxed and keep your eyes on the road.

Be patient and alert to cows! They are known to snooze at the end of the street.

There are some spots close to Candolim which you should go to.


6. Go to Coco Beach.

You can navigate through the town of Candolim and cross the Nurul River Bridge to reach Coco Beachside.

From the bridge, it is possible to view the river and nearby mangroves in stunning resolution (but make sure to keep an eye on the road, as lots of people pull over to take pictures).

A very much working fisherman’s beach. Coco Beach. This is an excellent spot to observe the local customs of living. It is dotted with lively fishing boats, a plethora of nets, young children playing in the ocean, and smiling people.


7. Bagjuna Beach’s cliffs are well worth exploring.

Another (smaller) river’s entry point is in the other (Northern) part of Goa. Explore the fields of rice then cross the bridge over to the Baga River, and navigate your way through the chaos that is Calangute as well as Baga.

Until you get to the end and continue until you reach the end of the river (Xaviers Retreat House). You can leave your bike there and take the gravel road until you reach the somewhat isolated Bagjuna Beacmus.

There are specific sections where you’ll have to climb down the rocks while making your way up the cliff’s slope. Once you reach the shoreline, you’ll understand the reason for the long hike.

A small inlet between the rough rocks is home to the beach. There’s a small bar.

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