How to Surprise Your Adventurous Friends with These Eco-Friendly Gifts

Buying presents for active adventurers who love to travel around the world and chase excitement is a true joy. They always need a bunch of camping or hiking accessories, and they truly love and use their every gift. However, if you’re not a fellow adventurer, you might be stumped on what to buy for outdoorsy friends, especially when you want these gifts to be eco-friendly and gentle to the environment. Luckily, the internet adventurers are here to help, coming to you with a bunch of awesome eco-friendly gift ideas for your outdoorsy friends. 

Fire starter kits

Let’s start small with practical yet inexpensive outdoorsy presents. Probably the most useful gift for all adventurers is a fire starter—it can literally save lives. For instance, you can grab a small flint stick necklace for your buddy and allow them to start a fire in every situation without having to rely on matches, lighters and lighter fluid. Plus, whenever they get bored on their adventures, they can entertain themselves with fire starting competitions and practice their survival skills. 

Teabag coffee pouches

Here’s another practical yet small and cheap present for your outdoorsy buddy. Go online and Google “tea bag coffee pouches.” These tiny coffee pouches produce a cup of coffee that’s better than instant, easier to make than pour over and less messy than press. Coffee tea bags are very light and portable and you can make a perfect cup on the go. Besides your water-boiling tech, you don’t need any extra machinery to make your coffee outside. This is a gift that every coffee-lover/mountain climber, hiker, camper or bikepacker will love. And the best part is that all the pouches are 100% recyclable, so there won’t be any trash left behind after you have your morning cup of joe! 

Reusable hiking trash bags

Responsible nature lovers agree on one thing: there should be no trash left behind you. To help your adventurer friend keep the environment clean, provide them with lightweight waterproof trash bags perfect for storing garbage until you find a proper disposal spot. These are very easy to clean and attach easily to your backpack, bicycle or motorcycle rack. 

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A practical knife

A proper sharp and practical knife is a must-have for every outdoorsy person. Even if they are just going on a nearby trail, having a knife up their pocket can help your friend in many situations that require crafting, cooking and protection. A great gift for any outdoor adventurer is a handy automatic OTF knife that fits into your pocket. These are very practical because they tuck in safely into themselves yet activate quickly when you need them. And they are perfect for one-handed use when you need to cut some rope or fishing line, clear your campground, cut some kindling, prepare your food or defend from small animals and hostile people. They might be small, but they look very mean! 

Reusable eating utensils

Being waste-conscious as an outdoor lover is very important, so try to provide your friends with an easy way to minimize their trash. For all gourmet travelers, a practical and reusable cutlery set will satisfy their food cravings and leave no waste behind. Of course, a metal set will last forever, but if you know you have an ultralight backpacker on your hands, a light bamboo set is a better option. 

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Eco-friendly sunscreen

Sunscreen can be both quite harmful for the environment and expensive, so if you can find an eco-friendly option, definitely buy it as a present for your outdoorsy friend. There are great natural options that are also waterproof and free of toxins, so your adventurous buddy can freely take a plunge in a nearby lake and not harm any little creatures with any chemicals. Natural sunscreen is also quite effective and it smells nice, which is a great perk when you haven’t showered in two days of hiking. 

Solar lantern

A present that’s a bit bigger and just a tad bit more expensive is a solar lantern. These inflatable solar lights are very practical for backpacking, camping, car camping, and anything in between. Some solar lanterns are very bright as well, and they can keep your environment illuminated even after going through a very poor charge. Make sure that the model you grab is made with recyclable materials like old PET sailcloth. These are free of PVC and resistant to UV radiation, so you can leave it out in the sun to charge even in the harshest of suns. Some models even have bright and warm settings for illumination and different brightness settings, perfect for dust-to-dawn illumination. Oh, and they can provide you with up to 12 hours of light on an 8-hour charge! 

Puffy camping blanket

And finally, provide your friend with a puffy camp blanket for ultimate comfort in nature. These are suitable for tent, car, and campfire chilling, and they are durable, making them an outdoor-lover essential. Some brands like Rumpl use recycled materials in their puffy blanket production, so it’s quite an eco-friendly gift. There are versions made with recycled plastic bottles as well as those stuffed with ethically-sourced down feathers. Plus they regularly donate to organizations like Save the Waves.

If you take any of these aforementioned gift routes, your outdoorsy and active friend will love you forever. These presents are as much a gift for the adventurers as they are beneficial for the environment, so it’s a double win for everyone. 

About the author: Stella van Lane is a passionate traveler and writer, in love with coffee, interior design, books, and good vibes. 

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