Pin Parvati trek: The weather guide


Pin Parvati trek. Today, hiking has become one the most popular and effective methods of escaping the stress and pressure of life and spending time with nature all over the world. Today you will get to know about the piece of comprehensive information on the weather conditions for one of the most renowned trekking spots in can also visit Indrahar Pass Trek.


There is Pin Parvati Pass is one of the Mountain passes located in Himachal Pradesh at a height of 5319m. It is another route for Spiti valley. It is among the most challenging hikes that you can do in India.

How do I get to Pin the Parvati Trek:

Because the Pin Parvati trek is one of the toughest treks in India and is very popular with trekkers. There are many ways to reach the top of the pass:

Roads that reach:

There are many ways to get to the beginning of the Pin Parvati trekking :

  1. It is possible to reach Manali straight from Delhi by bus. It takes about 14 hours to complete the journey.
  2. The third and most effective option is to catch a coach that runs from Chandigarh towards Manali. The journey will be more comfortable since it will take about 10 hours to complete the entire journey.

Reaching via air:

There is a possibility of taking a flight to Bhuntar airport, which is the closest airport to Manali. Thereafter, Manali is only a couple of hours away. You can assist by using any mode of transportation to reach Manali.

Railways reaching:

The nearest station for trains to Manali is located in Pathankot which is located around 300 km away. There, one can take a bus ride to Manali to stay overnight.

The difficulty of the trek

While the Pin Parvati trekking is an interesting hike when you consider its size, this trek could be considered quite a difficult hike. The following are the possible issues while trekking through Pin Parvati Pass. Pin Parvati Pass-

  • Crevasses

Cracks on the surface of glaciers often become covered by snowfall. Therefore, trekkers tie themselves up while walking on glaciers.

  • Health risks at high altitudes

The highest altitude for the Pin Parvati trek is approximately 5300m, which is more than the summits of other mountains. So it is possible to have a significant risk of becoming sick from these high altitudes.

  • Remote terrain areas

While trekking, there are no villages or even people until Kaza therefore it is important to remember that you’re completely on your own during the trek. If you do fall sick or are injured, you’ll only be the person to assist yourself.

  1. River crossings that pose a danger
  2. Boulder bridges

The following are the difficulties that one could face while walking through this region: Pin Parvati Pass. You must ensure that you’re mentally and physically capable of trekking in this area.

Weather forecast guide:

Weather in January:

This month is among the coldest months in the valley of Pin Parvati. The temperature in the lower regions is ranging from 0-6 during the daytime, however, it is the subzero mark at night. In the higher regions, temperatures are always lower than zero.

Weather in February:

The snowfall continues through February here. The average temperature is between 1-8 degrees.

Weather in March:

If you’re looking to experience snow while trekking to Pin Parvati, this is the time to do it. The snow that is falling between January and February can block the trek’s path so in March, when the snow has stopped falling, then you can take a winter trek to the Pin Parvati valley.

Weather in April:

It is the season of spring in the Pin Parvati valley. The region’s flora is beginning to bloom, and the majority of the ice has melted at this point. It is possible to see lush green grass patches when you hike during this time of the year. The temperature can range between 7 and 15 degrees throughout the time.

Weather in May:

It is the perfect time to embark on an excursion to the pin Parvati. The temperature is about 20 degrees making it the ideal time to visit when you have your family member with you.

Weather in June:

The months of June and May are the high season for trekking, however, they are also among the costly ones. Keep your budget in mind when hiking during these months.

Weather in July-august:

This season lets you experience the best floral life, however, it also poses the possibility of natural disasters such as landslides. Be aware of this risk in your mind when you go hiking during this time.

Weather in September- October:

It is among my favorite times to hike in the Pin Parvati valley since the monsoon will be gone but the vegetation of the region will be unaltered. The autumn season is upon us which also creates beautiful beauty in the vegetation in the area.

Weather in November-December:

The least recommended season to trek is The Pin Parvati hills is at this time the winter season is beginning and the flora of this area is dull and inactive. At this time, there is a possibility that trek routes could be shut down due to the snowfall.

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