Study MBA at Europe – Top Universities, Fee, and More

Europe is certainly one of the best places to study abroad. Especially when it comes to a business degree like an MBA, it has many perks to consider. First, the continent is one of the world’s biggest economies and most stable. Most European countries are interlinked and hence provide excellent business opportunities. As a  business student, you can explore many top-tier countries and business schools if you opt for Europe. MBA programs are supposed to be pursued from major locations to get the biggest impact on career possibilities.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Europe

One of the most interesting things to be aware of is that every country has its education system. You are free to choose from a variety to land your most preferred program. For instance, the UK generally offers one-year master’s programs, including MBA. You can complete your MBA from the UK within a year. It can save a great fortune and time. On the other hand, MBAs in Spain mainly target travel and tourism. French MBAs are full of industry insights and involvement. Many other European countries have similarly different qualities that you can browse.

Core topics in an MBA program mainly include;

  • accounting
  • applied statistics
  • human resources
  • business communication
  • business ethics,
  • business law
  • strategic management
  • business strategy
  • finance
  • managerial economics
  • management
  • entrepreneurship
  • marketing
  • supply-chain management
  • operations management

European countries are also very linked wth each other. The business and prganizations in Europe are diverse and connected to the global platform. If you choose to pursue an MBA from a european country, you will not only have access there but to the entire continent. Equipped a=with an MBA, having a boost to work in moore areas globally is a add on. Now to mention that for lifestyle purposes, Europe is rhe most preferred continent out of all. Countries like France, UK, Italy and Spain are the most popular and famous tourist destinations across the globe.

MBA in Europe Fee & Eligibility

Europe is a location that is preferred by every stuswtn. If not for one thing, then for anything else. You can basically opt for Europe with many bad qualities also. One of the major reasons here  os the flexibility you get. For instance, having many countereis as options, you get more business school options a s well. This gives you a large area to plan your degree. You can manage your finance as per your budget. Where on one hand you have UK thay has most extensive and expensive MBAs, you also have countries like Italy, Norway etc., that offer good MBA degrees at low cost.

The avrarge tuition fee for MBA in UK is very diverse and can not be pin pointed. Yu c na getn MBA for anywhere 15 lakhs to 80 lakhs per year.

Apart from these concerts, eligibility criteria is also something that you can not ignore. If you are missing some admission documents, it can be fixed with othert options. However, eligibility criteria makes you eligible to apply for an abroad program. In case you ignore this, you mighn not be able to apply for your MBA. Here are the basic eligibility criteria you need to have;

  • an undergraduate degree (from a recognized university)
  • academic transcripts & documents
  • GMAT/GRE scores
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores
  • non-refundable application fee

Top European Universities to Pursue an MBA

Europe is home of  many top-tier business schools. Names like LBS, HEC, INSEAD all comes from Europe. Not only for business studies but also management, these schools are Top-notch. If you want more extensive knowledge, a big global network, and industrial influence in your degree, choosing a European b school is the right decision. Along with exceptional education, you will also get great lifestyle preferences.

Top 10 European business schools to target for MBA:

1HEC ParisFrance
2London Business SchoolUK
3IE Business SchoolSpain
5IESE Business SchoolSpain
6ESADE Business SchoolSpain
7Oxford (Said)UK
8Cambridge (Judge)UK
9Imperial College Business SchoolUK
10SDA BocconiItaly


To conclude, Europe is a mixture of options that comes to serve you. Having budget issues, program or specialization doubts, location preference, education style or anything else, Europe is the answer. Some of the highest MBA salaries come from countries like UK and France. Go over mim essay reviews once to see what this all about. This is enough to know what impact a Europen MBA can make on your career.

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